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Material Profile: Worbla's KobraCast Art

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Worbla's KobraCast Art is an open weave fabric impregnated with thermoplastics. Stretchy and self-adhesive when heated, it cools to a light, thin, flexible surface. An excellent stabilizer and support for fabric creations.

PROS: Possibly the strongest and lightest Worbla of all! Almost impossible to tear when cool so ideal for securing straps and d-rings to costume pieces or hangers to crafts.

CONS: NOT the same as mesh-style KobraCast (an older, discontinued item). KobraCast Art is solid, not a mesh. Not as reusable as other Worblas. Scraps cannot be recombined.

Want to give KobraCast Art a try? Get it here:

For more information:

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