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Can I ask a different question? YES!

At Daley Kreations we are passionate about our work which means we LOVE answering your questions! We are dedicated to providing you with affordable, good quality materials and information so that you can bring your creations to life.

General Info

Common questions we get about DK regarding commissions, opening hrs etc

Shipping Policies

Information about international shipping, free shipping thresholds, which items we ship and do not ship

Pick Up Orders

How to come pick up your order at DK

Worbla & Thermoplastics

Questions about the wide world of thermoplastics

EVA & Other Foams

One of the most versatile materials on the cosplay market. You can do SO much with foam

Silicone & FuseFX 

Silicone may seem scary but it is a fun and versatile material

Foam Clay

The coolest new product on the cosplay scene! Starts as a soft clay and hardens to a lightweight, EVA-like foam.

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