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Material Profile: Thibra

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Thibra is a beige, low temperature, sheet thermoplastic with an extremely pliable, smooth surface. Moldable and self-adhesive when heated, it cools to a rigid, strong, paintable surface. It is a versatile material for crafting, costumes, and fine arts.

PROS: Leaves the smoothest surface of any thermoplastic, while taking texture and detail extremely well. Makes a fantastic thermoplastic clay for sculpting even intricate pieces. Is also an excellent thermoplastic for vacuum forming.

CONS: Can take texture a little too well - it is very easy to leave fingerprints behind on molded pieces. Thibra tears very easily if stretched too much while heated - some have compared it to "hot chewing gum". It can be very hard to lay down Thibra over large areas without leaving bubbles, wrinkles, or tears. Unlike Worbla, Thibra does not stick to EVA foam without being glued.

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