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Material Profile: Varaform

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Varaform is an easy to use, low-temperature thermoplastic mesh. Moldable and self-adhesive when heated, it cools to a lightweight, resilient, plastic form.

PROS: Varaform is flexible enough to be pulled off complex molds and forms without damage. In fact, this "memory" makes it ideal for large costumes and props, such as fursuits and mascot heads. Varaform's adhesive is actually strong enough that no additional glue is needed to attach fur or fabric to Varaform pieces.

CONS: Varaform needs to be shaped over a model or form. Very small scraps are difficult to re-use. It is suggested you wet fingers with water and use non-stick tools when shaping Varaform or it may stick.

Want to give Varaform a try? Get it here:

For more information:

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