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Worbla's Black Art

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Brand: Worbla

PLEASE NOTE: Worbla is available for In-Store Pick-Up ONLY. We do not ship this item.

The particles in the thermoplastic of Worbla's Black Art are much finer than the sawdust in “classic” Worbla. This means it needs far less finishing than any of the other thermoplastics (with the exception of Thibra) to achieve a smooth surface. Heat the sheet (min 90 degrees Celsius) and you can drape, shape, mold, and otherwise form the Worbla however you wish. Once it cools Worbla retains its new shape and can be sanded, painted, and decorated.

Worbla has no grain and thus can be stretched and formed into a variety of shapes. It is self-adhesive, so pieces can be attached simply by heating a section and pressing them together. Likewise all scraps can be gathered, reheated and re-used!

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