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Lumin's Workshop Form-Lite EVA Foam

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Brand: Lumins

PLEASE NOTE: Form-Lite is available for In-Store Pick-Up ONLY. We do not ship this item.

EVA foam is the foundation of so many costumes either as the base for thermoplastic work or on its own. Our high-quality EVA foam from Lumin's Workshop is perfect for all your EVA foam needs.

Form-Lite EVA is larger than conventional craft foam sheets at 1m X 1m square and smooth on both sides, unlike floor and exercise mats. Lumin's Form-Lite EVA has a Shore density of 45 (125kg/m3), making it of the same density of most "fun foam" sheets sold in craft stores.

The wide variety of thickness means no more laminating or trying to slice sheets in half - we have the perfect size for every part and stage in your build.

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