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Prop Monkey PRIME: First coat for EVA Foam

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Product Details
Brand: Prop Monkey

Prime: Is a first coat primer for EVA foam. It is a non-toxic, VOC free, flexible, extra-fine pore filler and adhesion enhancer. It applies easily and dries quickly. If applied thinly, no sanding is needed. Makes upper finishes stick better to EVA foam. This helps when masking off areas for painting. Semi-translucent light gray. One color does it all.

• For best results stir well before using.
• Make sure surface is free of dust, dirt, and oil.
• Apply thinly 1 to 2 coats.
• May be thinned for better control 2 to 3 coats.
• Use soft flat acrylic brush, and after firmly applying product, smooth out filler with light brush strokes.
• Dries in 15 minutes. Use hair dryer on cool setting to speed up drying time (may blister if surface gets too hot). Fully cures in 24 hrs.
• Clean brush with soap and water. Warning: Do not store upside down and keep rim clean. Lid may stick to jar).

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