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Prop Monkey Rapid Fill

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Brand: Prop Monkey

Rapid Fill is designed to smooth out the surface of EVA foam by filling in the fine and large pores. It's a nontoxic, brush-on, acrylic-based filler and contains different-sized particles for professional results. Bonds well, dries fairly quickly, is flexible, and is very easy to sand. For an extra-smooth surface use Fine Finish on top of the Rapid Fill. Comes in white and dark gray.

• Brush on to EVA foam vigorously and in different directions. Then smooth out texture with light brush strokes.
• Dries in 60 minutes (do not touch until fully dry). Can be dried faster with hair dryer.
• Sand Rapid Fill until foam surface is smooth with 220-grit sandpaper.
• Cleans Brush water. If brush becomes too stiff clean with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol.
• If product becomes too thick add a few drops of water and stir.
• Fully cures after 24 hrs.

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