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FuseFX Royal Jel-E Mold Release for Silicones (500g)

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Brand: Fuse FX

FuseFX Royal JeL-E is an excellent water-based mold release developed especially for casting silicone into silicone. This unique solution is applied by lightly brushing Royal JeL-E into your silicone mold, creating a film over the entire surface. Use a hairdryer to speed-up the drying process. After demolding, Royal JeL-E rinses off clean with warm water leaving your cured silicone piece clean of contaminants and residue.

It's also great for floating clay sculptures off plaster lifecasts! Apply 2 coats, drying between each, before sculpting. When ready, soak the lifecast in warm water for a few hours till the Royal Jel-E softens, then float the sculpture off.

Use Vinyl or Nitrile gloves when working with Royal JeL-E.

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