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FuseFX BC-Series Silicone Pigments (30g)

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Brand: Fuse FX

FuseFX BC-Series silicone pigments are surgeon approved colours for replicating realistic organs and body parts Just mixing a few drops of these pigments directly into your silicone mix will tint the whole silicone batch to a specific base colour. You can then add detailed surface colouration with F-Series, M-Series, and/or LY-Series FuseFX paints.

4 colours are available:

BC-01 Hearty - For reproducing fresh heart, muscle, or gum tissue
BC-02 Fatty - Very precise colour to simulate fresh human fatty tissue
BC-03 Bowely - Perfect for simulating intestines and bowels
BC-04 Milky - A translucent off-white for milk, teeth, bone, and body fluids

Please Note: FuseFX paints, pigments, and products are for use on PLATINUM SILICONE SURFACES ONLY and should NOT be used directly on skin!

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