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Material Profile: Worbla's Mesh Art

Worbla's Mesh Art is a beige, low temperature, sheet thermoplastic with an internal mesh. This makes it quite strong while still allowing it to be shaped into complex curves. Moldable and self-adhesive when heated it cools to a rigid, strong, paintable surface. It is a versatile material for crafting, costumes, and other arts.

PROS: Worbla Mesh’s internal mesh makes it stronger and more resistant to tearing than regular Worbla. Worbla Mesh is can be used to reinforce regular Worbla structures and to attach fittings such as D-rings to Worbla pieces. Worbla Mesh scraps can be collected and combined to be used again. Worbla Mesh will also stretch around curves without using darts.

CONS: The mesh means that Worbla Mesh won’t stretch as much as Worbla so it is harder - although possible - to form nice curves or round shapes. Will not vacuum form.

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