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Material Profile: Worbla's Finest Art

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Worbla's Finest Art ("regular" or "classic" Worbla) is essentially sawdust suspended in a low temperature thermoplastic. Heat it up with a heat gun, shape it as needed, then once it is cool you can paint and decorate as you wish. It can be used for crafts, costumes, props, and much, much more!

PROS: Worbla has no grain and thus can be stretched and formed into a variety of shapes. This makes it really good at forming curves such as breast plates, round shoulder pauldrons and so on.

CONS: The downside is that Worbla is not particularly strong on its own and, if stretched too far when heated, can tear. It is often backed or applied over EVA foam structures or reinforced with other thermoplastics such as Worbla Mesh or WonderFlex. The slightly pebbly "orange skin" texture has to be primed or sanded away if you are looking for a very smooth surface.

Grab some classic Worbla for your next project, or get your feet wet with one of our DK Kits.

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