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PLEASE NOTE: Varaform is available for In-Store Pick-Up ONLY. We do not ship this item.

Varaform is the perfect thermoplastic when you need lightweight, flexible but strong, infrastructure for headpieces, mascots, monsters, wigs, wings, and more! Varaform is a thermoplastic mesh, originally used as a replacement for plaster bandages in hospitals. It activates at 160 deg F (71 deg C) and can be activated with warm water or a heat gun. It is self adhesive, can be reheated endlessly, and incredibly lightweight.

Varaform stubbornly retains its shape while remaining flexible - making it excellent for mascot heads and bodies or wherever else you need something to have a little "give" without collapsing. Thanks to Varaform's unique adhesive qualities fur and fabric can be adhered directly to the finished form without the need for additional glue or adhesive! If you were familiar with the old version of KobraCast, which resembled plaster bandage, Varaform makes an excellent replacement!

Varaform is 90cm wide and sold by the meter or 1/2 meter lengths.

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