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At Daley Kreations we are passionate about costuming which means we LOVE answering your costume questions! We are dedicated to providing you with affordable, good quality materials and information so that you can bring your creations to life.


We are wife and husband team Kate and Tony Daley Di Poce. Kate started Daley Kreations in 2012.  In the last 5 years we have built costumes together, fallen in love, gotten married, and are now dedicated to making DK the go-to place for cosplay supplies in Ottawa. Together we have over 20 years of costuming experience.

KATE - " I am a special effects artist and full-time geek, originally from Kingston, ON. I made my first cosplay for my first con in 2003 and started studying sfx make-up under Academy Award winner Dick Smith shortly after. I've designed costumes and make-up for theatre, film, tv, and of course, cosplay."

TONY (aka Panda Partner)- "I started cosplaying at Dragon*Con 2009. I really like building big monster suits like Earl Sinclair from the show Dinosaurs (with which I won Best Novice Mascot at Costume Con 32), and the Japanese Kaiju Gamera. Kate is good at fine details but I like handling our logistics - I'm like DK's road manager."

41 Hobart Crescent
Ottawa ON, Canada
K2H 5S3

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“You managed to do so much with so little time! Strangers would always think that scar you gave me was real... I'm def sending my fellow Geeks to your booth in Ottawa during Con season. Yup, I'll be recommending you for other projects.”

Russell Yuen, actor, Toronto, ON

“These great people have tons of experience in crafting. They'll offer very good advice appropriate to your skill and budget levels. I highly recommend seeing them when you have new builds that you're working on.”

Richard Wong (Mystery of Mystery Style Cosplay), Ottawa ON

“Great and informative people keep coming to the Comiccon we need more make-up & F/X booths”

Robert Naud, Ottawa ON


Daley Kreations

41 Hobart Crescent

Ottawa ON Canada

K2H 5S3


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