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Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite EVA Foam Half Sheet

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Brand: Lumins

PLEASE NOTE: Hard-Lite is available for In-Store Pick-Up ONLY. We do not ship this item.

EVA foam is the foundation of so many costumes either as the base for thermoplastic work or on its own. Our high-quality EVA foam from Lumin's Workshop is perfect for all your EVA foam needs.

Hard-Lite EVA is larger than conventional craft foam sheets at 1m X 50cm rectangle and smooth on both sides, unlike floor and exercise mats. Lumin's Hard-Lite EVA has a Shore density of 60 (200kg/m3), making it much denser than most conventionally available EVA sheets. This makes it great for cases where you need strength without weight - such as large props and gravity-defying armor.

The wide variety of thickness means no more laminating or trying to slice sheets in half - we have the perfect size for every part and stage in your build.

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