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Kracken 375 Support Foam

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Brand: RedMoon

Kraken EVA was developed RedMoon Cosplay Solutions to help cosplayer weapon foamsmiths make better prop weapons and blades or supports. This EVA is very dense and utilizes micro pores which are on a different level than regular high density foam on the market.

This Foam carries much nicer than normal variables in it when we make it including the following;

Glue/Prime Proofed because of it's density, it does not allow seepage and soaking of particles easily.

Easy Mark-ability surface which allows for things like Sharpies, Pencil, Marker, Chalk and Pen to write on it's surface.

Kraken 375 Shell is the softer but strong outer layer used on your props and weapons utilizing it's 375KG/M3 Density, It also has a strong resistant to flexing when added in 15-20mm+ thicknesses with around 1-3lb vertical resistance so cores and supports can be left out of almost all props made using Kraken, less other materials and keep to foam, Cap'n!

1" wide and 30" long weapons using Core + Shell Kraken achieves great results at minimum restraints and then the bigger you go, the stronger you can create. (Rapiers, Greatswords, Longswords, Daggers and more are great using Kraken onboard.)

Density Matched and locked at 375+KG/m3 (+/- 15)

Press Rolled Double Smooth Machining

Designed and Manufactured in North America

All our foams are designed and built Formamide CH3NO Free.

Kraken foams are double smooth on both sides like our other foams, they also have had special colors added to make them show during your WIP's to match product color identifying from other cosplay suppliers including us who mainly offer White, Black and Grey foams.

Want to see the difference? Give it the depth test and add weight to the blade once you have made a 15mm+ thick blade to see it's strength difference from your other weapon props. It will outperform almost every time guaranteed. Want to see it's micro pores in action? put a few drops of water on and watch the skin of the beast within. With low absorption onboard, Your props are ready for the paint job of your desire.

High Density foams are great for weapon props but this foam was literally made for the foamsmith blade, We hope you enjoy it as much as have during it's manufacturing over the last year and a half.

Kraken Foams are built so strong and are harder to ship than regular foams so they comes in special made sizes for both us and customers to use on projects, They are unavailable in our largest Mega 1M x 2M sheet sizes like other foams we sell due to manufacturing difficulty at this time.

Kraken 375 Shell is a Deep Tide Blue Color in 3mm and Ink Dark Black color in 6mm which comes currently in two thicknesses: 3mm and 6mm

3mm - 12" x 60"

6mm - 12" x 60"

We can't wait to see what you make with it, Are you ready to release the Kraken?

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