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How To Set Up A Free Rolling Calendar In Trello eBook

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Keep your creativity on track and get a grip on your year with a self-updating calendar!

If you struggle with keeping a calendar or To-Do-List updated, whether due to mental health struggles, ADHD, or just general overwhelm, try a rolling calendar!

A rolling calendar self-updates day-to-day, copying over all your unfinished to-dos for you, so if you don't get everything done you don't have to spend time recopying or moving items to the current day. It's perfect for freelancers, the self-employed, or anyone else who finds a traditional calendar or day-timer too restricting.

At DK we've been using a rolling calendar for months and we LOVE it! It lets us see our whole week at a glance, allows for lots of customization, and gives us the freedom to set deadlines when we need them, while not setting in stone anything else that we have to do.

All you need to set up your own calendar is our handy guide and a free Trello account.

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