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Graftobian Sea Sponges

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Brand: Graftobian

Graftobian 3" and 5" Natural Sea Sponge

When looking for the best way to apply face or body paint natural sea sponges are the natural answer. They are perfect for applying large amounts of color in an uneven, organic way that creates a natural-looking texture, even when using a wiping motion.

Create stunning works of body art by using a stippling or tapping motion to create soft, irregular patterns that replicate the natural world. Or use the unique texturing qualities of these sponges when applying liquid makeup mixtures, such as Graftobian’s Powdered Metal or Luster Powder mixed with MagicSet Liquid.

When used to apply cake foundation Natural Sea Sponges allow for quick coverage without a cakey, streaky finish.

We sell these sponges in two different sizes, 3" and 5", and like fingerprints, no two are ever the same. Feel free to cut your sponge with regular scissors for easier handling or to create specific shapes. With careful washing you can use your sponges again and again.

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