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Graftobian Pro Adhesive Remover

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Brand: Graftobian

Graftobian 2oz Pro Adhesive Remover is a must-have product for anyone who frequently uses prosthetics or special effects makeup and ESSENTIAL for removing Gratobian Pro Adhesive. This adhesive remover is specially formulated to dissolve and remove adhesive residue from the skin, without causing any irritation or discomfort.

What sets Graftobian 2oz Pro Adhesive Remover apart from other adhesive removers on the market is its gentle formula. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and does not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. This makes it a safe and effective option for anyone who wants to remove adhesive residue without causing damage to their skin. The 2oz bottle is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and can easily fit in your makeup kit or purse.

TO USE: Simply apply a small amount of the adhesive remover onto a cotton pad or swab and gently work it under the edge of the appliance. Gently lift the prosthetic appliance as the adhesive loosens. Once the appliance is removed, soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in remover and gently rub it over the area where the adhesive was applied. Repeat as necessary, massaging away any remaining residue. Then wash the area with soap and warm water.

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