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FuseFX Med Pro Paint Kit

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Brand: Fuse FX

FuseFX Med Pro Kits are the core of the FuseFX paint system, all in one box!

The Med Pro Kit Series is a great starter kit for Prosthetists and Artists who demands the utmost in realism and accuracy in their work. It contains everything you need to paint realistic skin tones including pigment, paints, and matting powder.

4 different MPK skin colour bases are available - MPK-01 Light, MPK-04 Medium Olive, MPK-05 Rosy, and MPK-08 Tan*
(MPK-08 contains M-103 Dark Tan and M-106 Deep Blush instead of the M-102 and M-105 in the other kits)

Our MPK-XL kits are available in the same colour bases but with 30g of the S-series pigment and 60g of each paint.

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