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DK Vac-Former Multipak - Mini Size

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Brand: Daley Kreations

Vacuum Formers are great tools for working with thermoplastics. You can quickly create multiple copies of a pattern piece (called a "buck") or create a piece easily without worrying about leaving fingerprints or overworking the material. It is possibly the best way to work with some thermoplastics such as Worbla's TranspArt.

Our DK Vac-Form Multipaks contain 2 sheets each of the best thermoplastics for vacuum forming - Thibra and Worbla TranspArt. Thibra picks up extremely fine detail while TranspArt picks up great details while remaining transparent.

These sheets are pre-cut to fit into the DK Vacuum Former straight out of the package.

These sheets will fit the "Sample Size" vac-former kits, also offered by Daley Kreations.

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