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Cosclay Flexflo - Liquid Polymer

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Brand: Cosclay

C4 Flexflo

A super flexible liquid polymer that cures to the same colors as our clay blocks. Can be used by itself to create highly stretchy and ornate castings from molds. C4 Flexflo can also be used to compliment Cosclay sculptures as a coating, detail enhancer, surface treatment, or paint medium. Flexflo can be coloured before baking with alcohol inks and oil-based pigments for colored variations. C4 Flexflo cures to a highly flexible, shiny, and rubbery finish.

These 1 oz. Flexflo colors will be available in 3 packs: Primary, Secondary, and Family Pack (Both Primary & Secondary)

C4 Flexflo’s Features Include:

- Flexible and durable after baking
- Can be poured into molds for highly flexible, precise replications

BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Bake at 275°F (135°C) for 30 minutes.

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