Do you take commissions?

For costumes? Occasionally. Our main expertise is in special effects make-up and suit fabrication - therefore Daley Kreations would not be a good fit if you are looking for a costume that is mainly sewn such as a very tailored coat or a historical gown (but we know people who are very good at those and are happy to pass along their contact information!) For masks? Yes! Kate would be happy to create a custom masquerade or felted mask for you! For a wood-burned piece? Absolutely! Tony would be delighted to burn you a custom pub sign, box, or design.

I would like __ costume. How much will it cost?

It depends entirely on the complexity of the costume, the timeline involved, and the materials needed. To give you a general idea - our minimum commission starting price for a 1 day build is $200 CDN.

How much would it cost for a custom mask?

A basic animal felted mask starts at $80 CDN A basic masquerade style domino mask starts at $40 CDN More complicated masks will be quoted individually based on description and source material.

How much would it cost for custom wood burning?

We have a variety of pre-cut wooden signs, creating everything from doorknob hangers to pub signs. Prices for these range from $10-$50 CAD. More complicated designs will be quoted individually.

Can I stop by any time you are open?

Since we have a showroom and not a formal retail store, we do require an appointment in order to purchase. Appointments can be made either by using our website, or by telephone.

I don't know what I'd like to order - Can I just stop by and look?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to book appointments for in-person consultations as we cannot ensure social distancing in our showroom. However, once the pandemic is over we will resuming in-person consultations. If you are unsure what you need or what we can offer please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss what we can offer and how we can help with almost any project.

I have a question about my project - can you help me?

YES! We love to answer questions. You can call us by phone, send us an email, or message us through social media and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Do you do deliveries?

Normally we do not offer deliveries. However, in exceptional circumstances we have made deliveries in the Ottawa area, within the green belt. In these circumstances a fee of between $10-$20 will be added to your order, depending on location.