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Material Profile: Worbla's TranspArt

Often erroneously called “Clear Worbla” Worbla's TranspArt is rather unique amongst the thermoplastics – and not just because it is clear. Strong when cooled, TranspArt is very stetchy and elastic when heated. Due to it's higher activation temperature and limited self-adhesive qualities TranspArt is not recommended for beginners.

PROS: "Clear"...ish. You will notice slight streaks in the plastic. TranspArt can be dyed to brilliant transparent colours with polyester dyes.

CONS: Has a higher activating temperature and only a very narrow temperature window where it will adhere to itself. It is also really easy to mar the clear surface with fingerprints or other tools. Not recommended for beginners. It is also not recommended that TranspArt be used for visors or eyes on masks as the streaks and imperfections left behind from manufacturing can cause eyestrain if looked through for too long.

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