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L-200 - Quarter Inch

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PLEASE NOTE: L-200 Foam is available for In-Store Pick-Up ONLY. We do NOT ship this item.

L200 is a lightweight, closed-cell foam with a long history of being used in the TV, film, and theatre industries for costume and prop fabrication. It can be heat shaped, sanded, dremelled, stamped, and shaped in a manner very similar to EVA foam. After priming with a flexible base such as Flexbond, pieces can be painted and decorated easily.

The L200 foam is lightly softer than EVA foam and EXPANDS rather than shrinks with heat, as EVA foam does. Slight dents and creases from shipping can be removed with heat. Sheets tend to be larger than the size listed in order to accommodate for manufacturing imperfections along the edges of the sheets.

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