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Graftobian SFX Modeling Wax 1oz (Blood & Bone)

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Brand: Graftobian

One of the great things about Graftobian Modeling Wax is that it is very pliable, making it easy to mold and shape to your liking with staying sticky enough you can expect your creations to last for hours without cracking or breaking. Once sealed, the wax is also easy to paint and blend with other makeup products, so you can achieve a seamless and natural-looking finish.

TO USE: Apply a thin coat of spirit gum where you are going to place the modeling wax. Tap the spirit gum until it is tacky. With a small amount of make-up remover or skin lotion on your fingers roll the modeling wax into a ball or sausage shape then press into place over the spirit gum. Use your finger or a tool dipped in remover/lotion to smooth the wax and blend the edges into the skin. Once the wax looks the way you want it to, powder GENTLY to absorb excess remover/lotion then cover with Flexible Wax Sealer or Liquid Latex. Allow the sealing layer to dry and then add additional layers until there is a durable coating over the wax. If you use liquid latex make sure to powder the latex before applying make-up, fake blood, and other effects.

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