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FuseFX Water Soluble Matting Powder (8oz)

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Product Details
Brand: Fuse FX

FuseFX WS-Series Matting Powder is a unique blend of water-based matting agents designed to eliminate shine from painted silicone surfaces, resulting in a flat matte finish with little or no sheen.

WS Matting Powder residue washes off clean with a little soap and warm water, dries clear, and does not leave a "blue" tint to the surface, unlike Cabosil. In fact WS Matting Powder contains NO Amorphous silica or Cabosil.

WS Matting Powder is normally used in conjunction with FuseFX M/F-110 Clear. A very thin layer of M/F-110 Clear is applied to the piece and, while the piece is still wet, WS Matting Powder is sprinkled over the surface. The M/F-110 Clear thus acts as a binding agent, bonding the matting powder to the surface. After curing, excess matte powder is washed away with soap and water.

Because of this partnership, WS Matting Powder is available on its own OR in kit form, accompanied by M/F-110 Clear.

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