Vacuum Formers are great tools for working with thermoplastics. You can quickly create multiple copies of a pattern piece (called a "buck") or create a piece easily without worrying about leaving fingerprints or overworking the material. It is possibly the best way to work with some thermoplastics such as TranspArt. 

Our DK vacformers are great for beginners or experienced thermoplastic users and need no special equipment to use. Just grab your regular heatgun and a powerful home vacuum (such as a Shop-Vac). They will work with any Worbla brand sheet thermoplastics (except Worbla Mesh) as well as Thibra. We carry both pre-built vacformers as well as vacformer kits. 

Our Sample sized VacFormer is built to fit a Sample-sized piece of Worbla (10 X 15", 25 X 37.5cm) with no cutting needed. Our Mini VacFormer is half the size (7.5 X 10", 18 X 25cm) so you can take 2 pulls from 1 Sample sized sheet! 

Vac-Former (Pre-Assembled)

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