FuseFX Smoothie Concentrate is a non-inhibiting, water-based spray-on lubricant for smoothing out wet silicone surfaces. Smoothie repels silicone and does not dissolve the silicone like alcohol or solvent does making it ideal for repairing silicone seams, shaping the final layer of a silicone mold, or smoothing and sculpting the silicone skin of a foam form.

Simply spray Smoothie over wet, thickened silicone and shape with tools as usual to desired form. You can also dip or spray your tools for additional lubricating. Let the silicone cure then wash the Smoothie with warm water before adding more fresh silicone if needed. Smoothie MUST be washed off between silicone coats.

Smoothie comes in a concentrate and MUST be mixed with hot water before use. Both the 70g and 500g Smoothie kits come with a measuring cup, spray bottle attachment, and full instructions for use.

Smoothie Silicone Lubricant

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