Just mixing a few drops of SFX-Series pigments directly into your silicone mix will tint the whole silicone batch to a specific base colour. You can then add detailed surface colouration with F-SeriesM-Series, and/or LY-Series FuseFX paints.

BC-Series colours are surgeon approved colours for replicating realistic organs and body parts. 4 colours are available:

BC-01 Hearty - For reproducing fresh heart, muscle, or gum tissue

BC-02 Fatty - Very precise colour to simulate fresh human fatty tissue

BC-03 Bowely - Perfect for simulating intestines and bowels

BC-04 Milky - A translucent off-white for milk, teeth, bone, and body fluids

BC-Series Silicone Pigment

  • These pigments go a long way! You use only 2 to 3 drops per 10 grams of catalyzed silicone, (2 drops of pigments for softer silicones or silicone with additives) so one 30 gram bottle can tint over 3,300 grams of catalyzed silicone (or approx. 7.2 pounds or 116.4 oz). The 500 gram bottle can tint over 100,000 grams or 100 kilos (approx. 27 gallons or 220 pounds) or more, depending on the softness of the silicone. Now THAT'S a lot of silicone!!!


    Please Note: FuseFX paints, pigments, and products are for use on PLATINUM SILICONE SURFACES ONLY and should NOT be used directly on skin!


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