Yes, We Have No Bananas - But We DO have WORBLA!!!

We have a HUGE site update waiting in the wings but we just couldn't wait to tell you that due to popular demand DK is happy to announce that we now carry WORBLA! The material that is taking the cosplay world by storm, Worbla's Finest Art (usually just called Worbla) is a low-temperature thermoplastic that is perfect for making costume pieces and props. Worbla is non-toxic and requires no special tools to work with. There is no waste either since scraps can be gathered, heated, and mushed together then formed like clay to make further objects! Currently Daley Kreations has Worbla's Finest Art available for sale at conventions and for local PICK-UP ONLY!!! The following sizes are available: Jumbo sheet (100 cm X 150 cm) = $80/sheet Large sheet (75 cm X 100 cm) = $50/sheet Medium sheet (50 cm X 75 cm) = $30/sheet Small sheet (37.5 cm X 50cm) = $25/sheet Sample sheet (25 cm X 37.5 cm) = $15/sheet We are working on an appointment/ordering system but in the meantime please _email_ us to arrange a time to come by the workshop to pick-up your order. We can accept cash, credit card, or PayPal transfer. If you are not near the Ottawa area check out to find the Worbla distributor closest to you. Or check out to order online (they offer FREE SHIPPING in the US and Canada!) also has a TONNE of great tutorials and instructions on using this fantastic material so make sure to check it out! :D

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