We're POP(Expo)ing up to tell you the Worbla's back in town!

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend! Panda Partner and I definitely did! Great friends, fun costumes, and amazing food! If you are ever in Ottawa, Ontario on a Friday night the BEST karaoke in the world is by Dog And Pony Sound at Swizzles Bar (and I will fight people on this). Also if you haven't seen the movie The Book Of Life yet you really should!!! If you are not already a fan of the Mexican Day Of The Dead celebrations you will be by the end of this gorgeous, fun, family friendly movie (and listen to Ron Perlman steal the show as Xibalba). Two announcments! 1) We have more Worbla! Ottawa Geek Market pretty much wiped out our supply but I doubled our order with our supplier and we now have two big boxes full of the stuff on hand. But please, remember LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY - if you are outside the Ottawa area and won't be passing through town any time soon or attending a con where we have a booth I'm afraid this is the one material we can't ship. Instead check out www.cosplaysupplies.com to order (they offer FREE shipping in North America!) 2) Speaking of conventions, Daley Kreations will have a booth at Ottawa Pop Expo November 22-23rd, 2014 (you have NO idea how excited my sister is to meet, Guest of Honour John Barrowman ;) ). She'll be in line for an autograph but Panda Partner and I will be at our new, improved, fancy new booth (yes, with lots of Worbla and other fun stuff on hand). So make sure to check us out!

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