We're Moving - AGAIN!

No, no, not because the bill collectors have come calling! We’re not pulling a “Happiness Hotel” style scheme of “sneak out in the middle of the night”. In fact we’re staying in the same building. Truth is it’s because Daley Kreations is doing that I’m moving the studio to a larger space! Ever since moving into our current building I’ve had my eye on this one style of apartment as the ideal space for this monster maker to both work AND play. Last year I took the baby step of moving DK into a 1 bedroom apartment that doubled as a studio space/office but now I’m happy to say business is good enough that we can take the plunge to the larger space! So success is one reason we’re moving and the other is possibly the oldest in the book - love (all together now – “awwwwww - mush”). Yes, I’ve found a terrific, funny (sometimes toofunny), sweet, intelligent, caring boyfriend (to be referred to hence as Panda Partner, to continue the apparent Internet tradition of referring to significant others by some endearing but anonymous nickname ... ) who doesn’t mind jumping in to help at DK, whether by doing the boring stuff like dishes, dusting and so forth (while I’m “working” on fun things like fake hands, and silicone scales), by acting as a willing model/contributor for monster suit builds and make-up tests, or just by being a fantastic cheerleader and supportive pillow. In the current DK Bottega there is already not enough room for all my monster-making equipment, costumes, and make-up supplies, normal living paraphernalia, PLUS just my collectibles – half of my geeky hoard still resides at my parents’. Add Panda Partner’s Star Wars, NES, and 100+ collection of board games to my Spidey, TMNT, Hellboy, Muppet, and monster collections – and we clearly need more room. We (and I can finally use that pronoun accurately without sounding like a certain Spider-Man villain) are so excited for the new place! Since the new apartment doesn’t have nearly as geeky an address as my current one (which happened to be Apt 1701 – easy enough for any Trekkie to remember ;) ) in honour of the premiere of Guillermo Del Toro’s epic monster-festPacific Rim this summer, a film we both adored, we have unanimously decided to dub the new place – the Shatterdome! (You can tell it’s true Geek Love because Panda Partner is allowing me to turn the master bedroom, complete with on-suite bathroom and walk-in closet, into my new workshop while sleeping is consigned to the smaller bedroom ;) ) Speaking of Guillermo Del Toro – although we doubt we will reach quite the sheer awesomeness of GDT’s production office/man-cave "Bleak House", by gosh we’re going to give it our best shot! So stay tuned as Panda Partner and I tackle the killer kaiju called “Moving” and assemble our Shatterdome into a creative castle of epic proportions! :D

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