These VacFormers SUCK - and that's GREAT!

Available as of December 1st, Daley Kreations will be proud to offer Vac-Formers, either as a kit, or ready-made. Kits include all the parts you need, precut and ready to assemble. All you need is a hammer to build it and a vacuum to use it.

Ready-made units come with instructions for use and require a vacuum to operate (Shop Vacs work great!).

What is a vac-former?

The name is short for Vaccuum Forming and is a quick way to make a copy of something using thermal plastic and a vacuum. Vac-Formers range in size from basic small box units, such as the ones that we’ve designed and built, to complex table sized Vac-Formers used to make very large pieces. There is a flat surface on the top of the box/table with many small holes. A vacuum is connected to the box/table to provide suction. A frame will sit on top of the holed surface and will hold the thermalplastic.

The original piece on the left and the vacformed Thibra duplicate on the right.

How does it work?

It works by placing the item to be copied, called a ‘buck’, on the holed surface. A piece of thermal plastic is placed in the frame and heated up until it is soft. With the vacuum turned on, the frame is then held over the surface with the buck, then pushed down quickly and evenly. The vacuum will instantly suck down the heated plastic around the buck creating a duplicate.

Daley Kreations will be offering two sizes of vac-formers:

  • Mini Size (7.5” x 10”) is sized to fit the found in our thermalplastic trial kits. $32 for pre-made $22 for a kit

  • Sample Size (10” x 15”) is sized to fit sample sizes of thermal plastics. $38 for pre-made $28.00 for a kit

The base pieces in our DK Mini-Vacform Kit

The two thermoplastics that work best with these units are Transpart and Thibra. We will be offering packs of these, pre-cut to fit into both sized units.

On December 3rd we'll also be hosting our first VacForm Workshop at The Forge: Cards & Cosplay!


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