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So apparently I can only handle one social media platform at a time ;-) It's been quiet here on the Bottega Blog but if you've been following the DK Facebook page you can see we've been pretty darn busy! :-D But for the sake of one-stop information shopping here is a quick run-down of what we're up to. #1 – OTTAWA COMIC CON 2015 is nearly upon us! Make sure to visit the Daley Kreations booth (spot 426) and you definitely don’t want to miss our Cuckoo For KobraCast panel on Saturday May 9th at 3:30pm. What’s KobraCast you ask? Come to the panel and find out (or keep reading)

#2 - NEW PRODUCTS! We've added a whole bunch of new stuff to our inventory! We'll slowly be updating or adding individual information pages for these but just know right now that they are ALL available and listed on our Order Form (although some have country or shipping restrictions - if you are not sure just ask and I'll be happy to answer) EDIT: You can now order from our updated ONLINE STORE - Books - We are SO happy to announce DK is the Canadian distributor for Sandy Collara's "The Art Of Creature And Character Design". Besides being filled with gorgeous photos that will have any creature fans drooling Sandy has included numerous valuable essays on the nature of creature and monster design. Contributing artists/essayists include SFX greats Steve Wang, Joel Harlow, and my dear friend Doug Jones. Book 2 is coming soon!

-DVDs- Speaking of Canadian distributors... DK now carries the entire line of Neil Gorton's SFX How To DVDs. Neil is top of the field in SFX in the UK and his DVD series is one of the best resources around if you are itching to learn silicone prosthetic and mask creation. I've had several of his sets in my personal library for years. Now we have the entire line available for some of the best prices around!

- Wonderflex - It may have fallen slightly out of favour in recent years thanks to its flashier cousin Worbla, but Wondeflex is still a valuable material to add to your cosplay arsenal. Stronger and sturdier than Worbla's Finest Art, Wonderflex can be used to reinforce and strengthen Worbla pieces for maximum durability. It comes in large sheets like Worbla and is worked and formed with many of the same tools and techniques. - KobraCast - KobraCast looks like old fashioned plaster bandage but instead of being activated by water it is activated by heat. Originally used by the medical industry KobraCast does NOT stick to skin, meaning you can form pieces directly over your hands, face, etc. It is super light making it ideal for builds where weight is an issue such as horns, and headpieces PLUS being permeable you can see (to an extent) and breath through it. EDIT April 11/17: Kobracast is currently NO LONGER AVAILABLE from our supplier, although it is expected to return eventually.

- TranspArt (aka "Clear Worbla") - the newest material on offer from the makers of Worbla, TranspArt is NOT, technically, "clear Worbla". It has a higher working temperature, and it is not self-sticking the way the other thermoplastics are. You will definitely need a heat-gun and an adhesive such as Crazy Glue when working with TranspArt. But the easy ability to make jewels and other clear creations makes it another handy material in your arsenal.

- KITS - These are a DK exclusive! Want to learn to use Worbla but scared of messing up a big project? Try our DK Worbla Pin Kit! A quick easy project (takes less than 2 hrs) with full instructions and all the foam, Worbla, and pieces you need to complete it! Don't let the cover fool you - these kits are fully customizable and the instructions are tailored to allow you to make any pin design you'd like!

#3 - NEW FOLKS! Readers of this blog are probably already familiar with Panda Partner, my fiance (soon to be husband - the wedding is Sept!) But the DK family has grown (no, no, not _that_ way) with the addition of three great interns! We (and it is an actual non-Venon “we” now) have been having an amazing time with ideas flowing fast and furious. I can’t wait till we can share fully all the things we’ve been working on. In the meantime I'm very happy to introduce... Undead Du - Du is a fantastic cosplayer in her own right and together we are cooking up some great projects for the future. You can see some of her work on her StoreEnvy page (or follow her on Facebook or Instagram) Loki - Loki handles a little bit of everything! She’s been working very hard on a very special project we hope to unveil in the near future! Ruki - Ruki's area of expertise is graphic design. She's been tweaking everything from our logo to the packaging for our Worbla kits. You'll be seeing a lot more of her work in the near future.

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