Practically Perfect Polaris 26!

What a great weekend! Daley Kreations had a table at Polaris 26 in Toronto this past weekend and it was an absolute blast - particularly since I was damn nervous in the lead up to the con. See I've gone to Polaris for many years now, but always just as a regular member - never as a professional participant. So on top of the normal pre-con chaos was a extra case of jitters while I wracked my brain to make sure I had everything I needed. I was SO nervous ... ... and in the end everything worked out great! Right off the bat there was a tonne of interest from people wandering through the Dealers' Room and I had some great, in-depth conversations with folks. It was great fun to say "Go ahead! Poke it!" to the people gazing at the replica Witch King helmet on the table and see their faces light up in surprise when they realized it was squishy! Bruce, my pet "Evil Plant" got a lot of attention as well (which he loved, being a little diva). Our 2 hr "Silicone Armour Demo" on Saturday was also a huge success. It was standing room only by the end, even though we were opposite the Klingon Make-Up Demo.

Thank you SO much to everyone who attended. I hope you found it informative and are now inspired to make some cool costume pieces! I felt inspired after hearing people talk about all the projects they had in mind. I can't wait to get back into my workshop to make more pieces, and get the info up online to share. The con wasn't all just "work" (and I used quotation marks because it was almost too much fun to be work). All the regular fun events were in full swing this weekend - Klingon Karaoke, the Masquerade, and the dance to name just a few. I was bad a didn't take a tonne of pictures but I did snap a quick shot of these amazing Dalek costumes (they ended up winning Best In Show at the Masquerade)

And I couldn't resist photographing this great Doctor Doom. He obviously didn't need my silicone and foam technique given that's a REAL metal mask he's got on! ;)

So to all friends, old and new, who stopped by the table to chat, and to the organizers and volunteers at Polaris thanks for making this a fantastic convention!


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