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A little house-cleaning to deal with folks - we're apparently having issues with customers submitting orders and then not receiving the follow-up emails containing the order confirmation and shipping and handling estimates. I handle all these email orders manually so although you may not receive an immediate reply I will generally get back to you within 24hrs (particularly since I might be in a different time zone from you). However if you have not received a reply within 48 hrs then chances are I DID reply just the internet gremlins ate the email and its poor remains are floating about the ether, never to be seen again (this is what I get for feeding the Mogwai after midnight). Fear not though! If you submit an order to Daley Kreations and you do not hear back from me within the magic 48 hrs then please just email me directly (in fact if you prefer to skip using the Order Form and just send your order via email this will also work). I will happily resend the order estimate. I'll be adding an "Ordering FAQ" page to help troubleshoot DK orders.



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