Pardon The Dust - Daley Kreations Is Moving In!

Hard hats on? Good! This is still a "things could drop from the sky" zone! But it's all exciting things! I'm Kate, the owner and main artist behind Daley Kreations. I've been a special effects artist for nearly 10 years and a hobby costumer (or cosplayer) for even longer. Yes, I'm one of those people who love to dress up even when it's not Halloween. My normal stomping grounds are science fiction and comic conventions. And now I'm launching Daley Kreations both as a showcase for my SFX work and because I have fallen in love with silicone as an artistic material and would like to share what I've learned. Silicone can seem scary to cosplayers and it's really not! In fact it's an incredibly versatile material. It can be cast in molds, used to make molds, or used to build up shapes over a form. Anyone who's ever moved house I'm sure can appreciate that sometimes it takes a bit longer to unpack than we would like. So please bare with us as we "unpack" our boxes and set up the rooms of our new virtual home, I promise there are some really fun things coming down the pipeline that I can't wait to share!



Daley Kreations

41 Hobart Crescent

Ottawa ON Canada

K2H 5S3


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