No Tricks! Treat yourself to some marvelously Monstrous Make-Up Manuals!

Again, as I mentioned with yesterday's Worbla post, we have a HUGE site update in progress. But with Halloween fast approaching and lots of you planning your costumes and how best to scare the pants off your friends and neighbours I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that DK now stocks BOTH Volume 1 AND 2 of Mike Spatola's fantastic Monstrous Make-Up Manual! A great way to learn some amazing monster make-up effects!!!

I'm saving my more in-depth review for a later blog post because I really want to give justice to these great books but now couldn't be a better time to grab your copies. Our full ordering page should be up shortly but again, in the meantime, just email me and I'd be happy to process your order. We're offering these books at the following prices: Monstrous Make-Up Manual Volume 1 (print) = $45.00 CDN (A great introduction to the art of SFX make-up. You'll start with simple "paint & powder" effects and learn the amazing things you can do with just a bit of highlighting and shading. By the end of the book you'll be introduced to mold making and foam latex prosthetics) Monstrous Make-Up Manual Volume 2 (print) = $50.00 CDN (Picks up where Volume 1 left off. You'll be walked through more advanced mold making techniques and see some amazing multi-piece silicone and latex make-ups done step-by-step!) Monstrous Make-Up Manual Volume 1 (PDF disc) = (originally $35.00) $20.00 CDN CLEARANCE!!! (Exact same content as the print edition of Volume 1 just on a PDF disc for viewing on your computer. Zoom in to all those great high-res photos!) Or get Volume 1 & 2 together for $88.50 CDN!!! (instead of $95.00) This is also an exclusive deal. CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY PLEASE!!!! For US orders please visit Mike's page at For International orders please keep an eye on the Monstrous Make-Up Manual Facebook page for announcements when other distributors become available.

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