Last week WE got a Huge Surprise - Dream House here we come!

So Panda Partner and I have been working on a Cuuunnnnning Plan for quite awhile now. Phase 1 was purchasing our own vehicle, which we achieved last summer. Phase 2 was move out of our apartment to a house, in order to have more room for monster making, stocking stock, holding workshops, etc. Phase 3 we'll keep a surprise for now. For Phase 2 we had a very, VERY specific house in mind. I am extremely fortunate that I have an aunt and uncle who in the past few years have invested in some rental real-estate. My cousin was living in one of their rental properties and over a few family functions Panda Partner and I absolutely fell in love with the house. We immediately said that if my cousin ever wanted to move out we would like to move in. Well my cousin went off and got married and moved in with her husband, but my aunt and uncle, being lovely people, didn't try and rush my cousin's former roommates out of the house. But they assured us we were next in line. In June we were told that the current tenants wanted to stay at least one more year. "Ok," we thought. "Well that gives us a year to plan, get in a really good position financially, and spend a LOT of time on Pinterest getting ideas." We were resigned (I am not as patient as Panda Partner) but still super excited. Except last week my aunt called and asked if we could move in October 1st! Turns out the tenants' circumstances had changed suddenly and they now wanted to move! Soooo as of August 1st we put in our notice....

Now this means we will be SUPER busy here at DK for the next little while. We are still attending Dragon*Con at the end of August (no booth - we're just going because Dragon*Con) AND we will have a booth at the Fall 2017 Ottawa Geek Market, which just happens to be September 30-October 1st. So I won't lie - I foresee a lot of sweat, tears, and probably even a bit of blood in our near future BUT, and I can't emphasize this enough, once we have everything up and running it will be fantastic. Here's just a few of the improvements we have planned that will benefit you, our dear DK-ers:

  • A small, permanent store area suitable for browsing, with its own entrance (no more buzzing in!)

  • Space for TWO workshops - one indoor and one outside. Ooooh possibilities!

  • Space for ON-SITE workshops!

  • A dedicated mini-studio so expect much more frequent and better-looking YouTube videos and product photos in the future!

We're excited, more than a little scared, but as Panda Partner keeps saying to me....

Stay tuned!



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