We're celebrating by announcing some good news! Daley Kreations will now carry both Thibra thermoplastic and the new Worbla's Meshed Art! We're so excited to add yet more materials to our thermoplastics roster! Please NOTE: As with our other thermoplastics these are available for LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY Thibra is an extra smooth, super sculptable thermoplastic that doesn't need sanding and priming the way traditional Worbla does. It picks up details SUPER well (even details you don't want showing up - like fingerprints) so can be a bit tricky to work with over large areas but makes it perfect for sculpting or adding cool textures to your pieces.​ We are super pleased to be able to offer the following introductory prices: Full Thibra Sheet 136.5 cm X 109.9 cm, (53.75" X 43.30") = $94.00 CDN Half Wide Thibra Sheet 68.6 cm X 109.2 cm, (27" X 43") = $50.95 CDN Half Long Sheet 136.5 cm X 55.1 cm, (53.75" X 21.7") = $50.95 CDN Quarter Sheet 68.6 cm X 55 cm, (27" X 21.7") = $27.60 CDN

Worbla's Meshed Art - looks like a cross between Wonderflex and regular Worbla. It has an internal mesh that makes it super strong, however unlike Wonderflex it can stretch over complex curves AND all scraps can be reused! Worbla Mesh comes in the same sizes and for the same prices as both regular and black Worbla: Jumbo Sheet 100cm X 150cm (39.25" X 59") = $80.00 CDN Large Sheet 75cm X 100cm (29.50" X 39.25") = $50.00 CDN Medium Sheet 50cm X 75cm (19.50" X 29.50") = $30.00 CDN Small Sheet 37.5cm X 50cm (14.50" X 19.50") = $25.00 CDN Sample Sheet 25cm X 37.5cm (9.8" X 14.50") = $15.00 CDN

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