Birthday Surprise #2 - DK Ribbon Promo!

I have to say - we are pretty happy with this one. If you've ever been to a comic or science fiction convention, chances are you've received a badge as proof of admission. Well we've designed an awesome ribbon to not only decorate your badge but give you a cool discount!

Here's how it works: 1) Come to our booth at Ottawa Geek Market or Ottawa Comic Con and wish us "Happy Birthday"

2) Receive your exclusive DK Birthday badge ribbon*. Just peel off the paper backing and stick it to your badge. 3) For the REST OF THE YEAR show us the ribbon and get 5% off ANY** and ALL DK orders! PLUS you still get stamps on your Dragon Kard! *while supplies last. We only ordered 100 so don't miss out! ** unfortunately the discount does not apply to FuseFX products or Thibra - we'd like to but it would be in violation of those specific distributor contracts. DON'T FORGET! Our NEW website goes live April 24th!

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