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Different types, how to use it, how to paint it, and what the heck is "inhibition"?

4 days ago

Hello, Do you have problems making silicone moulds from grey v3 resin? My molds sometimes have surface irregularities caused by the silicone non solidifying properly. My cleaning cycle is a 15 min IPA
Apr 14, 2017

If my silicone has been "inhibited" what does that mean? "Inhibition" means that your silicone has and will not cure properly. Instead of curing to a solid state it remains whole or partially liquid,
Apr 12, 2017

Apr 14, 2017

There are two main "families" of silicone - tin-based (also known as "condensation cure") and platinum-based (or "addition cure") silicone. In each "family" you can find a wide variety of silicon
Apr 12, 2017

Apr 12, 2017

Test, Test, TEST!!! Platinum silicone* is a wonderful, amazing, versatile material. You can cast it in a mold, you can thicken it and build it up over a form, you can thin it to let it flow into a s
Apr 14, 2017

"RTV" stands for "Room Temperature Vulcanization" - which basically means that the silicone does not need to be subjected to heat to cure. Heat can still be used in the process (for instance it will
Apr 12, 2017